Facundo Bustamante is a food, still-life and lifestyle photographer with more than 17 years’ experience working in the creative industries, including theatre, television, film and photography.

His love for photography and storytelling began at a young age when he captured his first picture with his dad’s Voightländer Bessamatic film camera. Since then, ‘framing’, the use of light and narrative became a passion nurtured later on by his vast working experience and filmmaking studies at ‘Universidad de Buenos Aires’, Argentina.

Currently based in London, his collaboration with leading photographers in the world of food, lifestyle, interiors and still-life has inspired and enriched his work, lending a unique photographic style along with his careful composition and lighting.

Facundo has worked with brands such as Harrods, Amazon, Pixie.me, Indi.go, 27 Elliott’s and has been featured in editorial titles such as Club Oenologique, Positive News and ‘The Alchemy of Tea’ book.


CONTACT . facundojb@gmail.com . +44(0) 793 4040 110